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The Mobile Fighting Position Lite v2 is a rapid deployment ballistic shield and barricade that protects operators from incoming rounds up to .30 cal AP.

The fighting position can be deployed in seconds and its small form factor allows it to be hand carried or stored in the trunk of a vehicle.



  • Collapsable solution provides small footprint when not in use.
  • Large solid wheels help maneuver over uneven terrain.
  • Plate locking mechanism to enhance stability and performance when the fighting position is engaged in the upright position.
  • Provides enhanced cover against pistol and rifle rounds to the operator.
  • Increases operator survivability and lethality.
  • Allows operators to respond and defend against hasty/rapid development attacks.
  • Provides a low-cost solution when looking to enhance operators’ survivability and mobility in kinetic engagements.
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal preventative maintenance.
  • Allows operators to place cover where in open areas where cover does not exist.



Standard: 24" x 36"

XL Variant: 24" x 36" (Email for price quote)

Custom Plate Dimensions Available


Standard Features:

NIJ Level III+ (UL752 Level 8) Configuration - 65 lbs

NIJ IV Configuration - 142 lbs



Colors: Black, Ranger Green, or Custom

Finish: Matte or Rhino Lined

Strike Face Extension Available


Made in the USA

Mobile Fighting Position Lite v2

  • Contact B4DI directly for additional discounts for first responder, active military, and volume pricing.

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