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B4DI’s Asset Enhancement Program is designed to allow agencies to trade excess assets for new equipment, training, and/or services. The program can be utilized to help fund much-needed capabilities without impacting an agency’s budget. 


Allows agencies to trade excess assets for new equipment, training, and/or services


Helps ensure the safety and enhanced capabilities of  personnel


Enables agency leadership to provide new equipment, training, and/or services without negatively impacting their budget

There is no cost or obligation to use the program

Agency budgets may not have the critical funding required to ensure the safety and enhanced capability of their personnel. Our program enables agency leadership to acquire new equipment, training, and/or services for their personnel without impacting their budget.


Asset Enhancement Program Process:


       available for trade and the purpose of the trade - to obtain equipment, training,

       and/or services.

  • Agency submits the additional forms and requested pictures, if needed, listing

       the items to be traded and estimating their cost.

  • B4DI will assess the value for the items to be traded and provide an estimated

        return to the agency in the form of equipment, training, and/or services. 

  • Agency decision makers accept B4DI's offer, formalize an agreement, and move

       forward with the trade.

  • Agency ships the traded items directly to B4DI, including titles and bills of sale,

       if needed.

  • B4DI delivers the agreed upon equipment, training, and/or services to the agency.


Examples of items that may be traded in exchange for equipment, training, and/or services include but are not limited to:

  • Accessories (e.g., rifle scopes, red dot optics, night vision, etc.)

  • Ammunition

  • Armor (e.g., body armor, rifle plates, shields, helmets, etc.)

  • Gym Equipment

  • Heavy Equipment (e.g., excavator, backhoe, man lift, etc.)

  • Tactical Gear (e.g., holster, flashlight, eye protection, etc.)

  • Vehicles (e.g., truck, boat/watercraft, patrol car, SUV, etc.)

  • Weapons (e.g., tasers, rifles, duty & specialty weapons, etc.)

  • Confiscated/Forfeited Goods


B4DI provides operationally-based tactical training and works with industry leaders in designing tactical equipment, weapon, and armor capabilities that enhance the safety and capability of the operator. Our team of certified law enforcement and military instructors have decades of training experience and can provide an assortment of leadership, tactical firearms, operational, and financial investigative training, to name a few. 


For specific information or to speak with B4DI about the process, please fill out the Agency Contact Form and submit to This form provides B4DI with the information necessary to initiate the process.


In addition, you may also fill out the following applicable documents and provide pictures of each item so B4DI can assess the items for trade to determine the value of credit your agency can put towards equipment, training, and/or services.


Training 3.png
Training 2.png
Training 6.png
Training 5.png
Training 4.png
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