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The Guardian Defense Shield – Active Response (GDS-AR) is an ultra-lite ambidextrous rifle shield that allows its operator to effectively deploy both a handgun and/or long gun with little or no reduction in effective tactical speed. When deployed properly, its unique design provides substantial frontal facial, throat, chest, under arm, and non-firing arm protection. It provides protection from animal, blunt force, edged, physical and ballistic attacks. Shield Mirror Kit sold separately.


Weight: Approx. 7 lbs

Size: Approx.15.5” x 19.5” curved


Standard Features:

NIJ Level III+ Special Threat Protection

Ambidextrous Design

Rigid Carbon Fiber Handle

Custom Molded Forearm Pad



Custom ID Placard


Colors: Black


Made in the USA

Guardian Defense Shield - Active Response

  • Contact B4DI directly for additional discounts for first responder, active military, and volume pricing.

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