The Guardian Defense Shield (GDS) is an ultra-lite ambidextrous design that allows its operator to effectively deploy both a handgun and/or long gun with little or no reduction in effective tactical speed. When deployed properly, its unique design provides substantial frontal facial, throat, upper chest, and arm protection. It is light enough to capitalize on your autonomic startle-flinch response for protection. Provides self-defense from animal, blunt force, edged and ballistic attacks.


Weight: 3.75 lbs

Size: Approx.15” x 18.5” curved


Standard Features:

Level IIIA Ballistic Protection

100% Composite Ballistic Construction

Ambidextrous Design

Rigid Carbon Fiber Handle

Custom Molded Forearm Pad



Custom ID Placard

Personal Graphics


Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, or Camouflage


Made in the USA

Guardian Defense Shield - Camouflage

SKU: B4DI-09
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