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* COMPLETELY SAFE AGAINST RFID SCANNERS- A single layer of aluminum foil of only 27 microns thick is often enough to block RFID signals. For that reason, the RFID Blocking Slim Wallet was designed with 3,000 microns of Premium Aviation Aluminum that practically makes wireless theft impossible!!

* 2018 NEW VERSION - This wallet is extra lightweight and super slim so it easily slips down in your pants pocket or suit pocket. With our Minimalist Slim Wallet that is significantly thinner and smaller than traditional wallets, you can carry up to 12 cards and 6 to 8 folded bills in the most effective, compact and convenient way.

* STRONG AND IMPROVED MATERIALS- Made of Premium Aviation Aluminum & high quality carbon fiber, anti-corrosion and durability, that guarantees a long service life.



B4DI Stainless RFID Slimline Wallet

SKU: B4DI-03
  • The RFID Wallet comes with replacement screws and elastic binding as well as a tool to take apart, clean, and reassemble your wallet as needed.

    Stainless/Aluminum MONEY CLIP Specifications:
    - Weight: 4.1 oz
    - Size: 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches
    - Material: Solid premium aviation aluminum and 304 stainless steel

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