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The RRV is a highly visibly, portable, and easily concealable identifier for first responders where high visibility is critical to their survival. The RRV can be deployed over under cover (UC) clothing, uniforms, and most jackets and armor systems. The RRV weighs less than 2.5oz, is fire retardant, and breathable. Both the RRV's background mesh and reflective panels are ANSI certified 107-2015. One size fits most. A non-law enforcement identifying microfiber storage pouch is included with purchase.

The RRV is designed to provide access to chest and belt-mounted duty, UC, and tactical equipment. Built for low profile on and off duty carry and deployment. A patent is pending on this product. 

The RRV is a color based and layered response system that can be deployed individually or as a part of a unit:  

*HiVis Yellow/Green denotes armed Law Enforcement

*HiVis Blue denotes medical personnel

*HiVis Orange denotes possibly lawfully armed personnel without law enforcement powers

*HiVis Red denotes firearms instructors and trainers

Custom designs available in quantities of 25 or more.

Current retail price for all models is $44.

For more information, purchasing or distributor information please contact us at:  contac@b4di.com